IV. The Walker in the Woods

The Sin Eater plays a crucial role within Morrighati society; for a semi-nomadic people living in a world where the souls of the children of the Morrighat are being freed and bound to the living; the risk of soul fragments binding to those unintended for apotheosis is high. As such, the Morrighatti people occasional begin to display signs of corruption and transformation. This is considered a thing of shame, an affront to the Morrighatt herself. To take her gifts rather than be given it is a thing of sin.

And so there are the Sin Eaters; usually women, who tread the paths between settlements and camps and who visit the people and consume their shame. Literally taking the corruption into themselves and purging the sinful. On one hand they are feared and shunned, on another revered and respected. With time, the Sin Eater’s body becomes bloated and corrupted as they take into themselves the Sins of their people and when their body can take no more they transform completely. This can happen in the wilds or within settlements themselves, and at such a time is considered a huge blessing on those who witness the birth of a new being; a Scion of the Morrighatt.

The woodlands of the Morrighati people can be dangerous places, and walking the paths alone has an inherent danger. The Sin Eaters are not defenceless though; they carry staffs carved from the petrified trees used by the Morrighatt herself for nesting and can manifest their people’s corruption as living beasts to defend her. These Manifestations of Shame are twisted amalgams of human and Morrlitt, and can barely live beyond a few hours, just enough time to defend their ‘mother’. 


  1. Gruesome stuff, Lee. Those vestigial wings are truly grotesque!


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