The Seed of the Green Emperor

Verdan III was brought back into the Imperial fold at a relatively late date in the 37M. It was discovered to be a post-feudal world at a low technological state. What was of interest was the agricultural practices which had been adopted by the population; rather than clear cut forest areas for crop and livestock, a system of patchwork growth was maintained which led to a much higher soil fertility and crop yield. Efforts to reform this failed due to a divergent form of the Imperial Cult.

At some stage in the past, prior to reincorporation into the Imperium, the ruling families instigated a form of primitive worship centred around a Green King who ensured fertility of the forests and by extension the agricultural spaces. It is believed that this primitivist worship was deliberately instigated to ensure a degree of fear about fully deforesting and cultivating the land. 

Missionary efforts by the Adeptus Ministorum have failed in their attempts to fully restore the Imperial Cult. The current hybrid of Primitivist and Imperial Cults have been sanctioned as Holy, primarily to ensure planetary exports of foodstuffs and Militarum tithes continue to exceed prescribed quotas. Further Ministorum interaction is feared to upset the current planetary productivity. 

It was primarily the desire to study the flora and fauna of Verdan III that led Anat to visit the planet in the past few solar years. His assisting servitors however caused a social crisis as one in particular was regarded as none other than a Scion of the Green Emperor himself. This particular experimental servitor form was a plant-animal-machine hybrid utilising a neuro-mycological network. Its seeming sentient behaviour coupled with its physical form led to it being deemed a Saint of the planetary Green Emperor Cult. 

The outcome of this revelation is that the ruling families now provide some of their finest sons and weaponry as an honour guard to the servitor and have attached themselves to the Inquisitorial associates. Quite what the religious motivations are for doing this is not entirely clear, but they do prove useful.

A creation of animal, plant and fungus - known as the Seed of the Green Emperor