The Dark Age of Sigmar 28

If INQ28 was a way of bringing smaller, more narrative play into the darker recesses of the 41st Millennium, then AoS28 is the move towards doing something similar with the Nine Realms.

The idea of starting a new army - and painting it up too - fills me with horror to be fair, but as the miniatures coming out right now are so fucking stunning, this venture allows the chance to do small groups of very customised miniatures ( see Anat's geno-servitors for instance) but within a much more traditional fantasy-like setting.

Anyway, more info on the Ex-Profundis blog (and beautiful miniatures), the TGA community site and now the AoS28 facebook group (go take a looksie).

The Morrighatti

The Mortal Realm Ghyran was once verdant and swathed in forests. Then came the forces of Chaos and the forests became tainted. Out of the reach of the foulest tendrils of chaos however, secret covens who live in the twisted trees and the shadowiest of groves still live untouched. One of those Covens is that of the Morrighatti; a strange family of crow people and their matriach; The Morrighat herself.

* * * 

This didn't take too much thought at all; I want the new Tzeentch kits. The Tzaangors and Kairic Acolytes are beautiful and to my mind the perfect way to step back into fantasy. That said, I didn't want to to do the traditional Tzeentchian style. So what I am thinking of doing is basing this group around both of those kits, and the similar characters, but go with a much more crow-like aesthetic and more feathers. A kind of corvid-human hybrid tribe. I can also throw in some other daemon-counts as and make use of other nice kits; the Spite Revenants are dead nice but will be made into a group of 'Nestlings'.

Anyway, more on this once I get my butt together and buy the kits and start playing around with them.


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    1. The last thing I really need right now are MORE idea and distractons :) Luckily these are all a few minis each and can be done between hordes of gribblies and hybrids


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