Magos Biologios Anat

The galaxy is a huge and varied place. Trillions of species on billions of worlds, and each a veritable repository of genomic resource to be turned to the will of the Omnissah and his Flesh Avatar the God-Emperor.

In this way, Magos Biologios Anat is divergent from the Cult Mechanicus in his belief that the flesh is not in fact fallible - the God-Emperor himself is flesh. Anat seeks the secret of what the flesh can attain amongst the stars. He gathers novel genotypes from living organisms across the Imperium and beyond its borders in order to study and experiment. He seeks to create and sculpt the perfect, warm flesh form to truly be one with the cold logic of the machine.

The wide ranging explorations of Inquisitor Thaddeus suit him well and afford him the opportunity to harvest the galaxy’s biological riches.

The riches of the galaxy have offered up opportunity within the biological matter of flora and fauna, and the fruits of this opportunity serve Anat and his associates. A host of geno-servitors; novel creations of machine and flesh dart and glide about him, fulfilling tasks of his devising - or on occasion of their own (surely a blessing of the machine spirit ). Some like the Genome Scavenger have autonomous tasks to locate, neutralise and collect new genetic material from the flora and fauna of a planet. A censer of nerve gas paralyses a subject organism before harvesting can take place. Where needed, dangerous or contaminated material can be incinerated.

Some planets have far more hostile and aggressive locals. In such cases more active action is required in order to preserve the Great Work. To this end, three Geno-Servitors; Mara, Svart and the miserable Malkin were grown using machine and equine biologicals in order to provide close and long distance neutralising options.

The pinnacle of Anat's most recent works fusing animal and plant using a neuro-mycological framework has been of extraordinary success. Some unanticipated secondary behaviours have arisen, but these are merely a welcome blessing from the Omnissah. Clearly a reason or hymns and libations to the machine spirits house within.