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Let's try this again

I have been horribly remiss in not posting anything for ages on here, though in pat that is because although I have been buying, assembling and bashing stuff together, I haven't done any painting at all.


2017 seems to be the year of the paintbrush for me! I have a handful of projects knocking about and am getting on with most of them at the moment. With that in mind, I will do a bit of documenting on here of WIP stuff, painted minis and ideas for future projects.

So, to start off with, a bit of a wince list of what I have to get done at some point;

This isn't too horrific at all; I have a Hereticus Inquisitrix - Medea Grimm - ready for painting plus her warband of associates. More when pint starts slopping.

Then there is the warband of Xenos Inquisitor Thaddeus Grimm and his associate Magos Biologios Anat. They are fully done (!) so I will knock up a post with picture and background for them sharpish.

I already have the makings of a third group whihc will be loosely connected to Thaddeus via a somewhat monstrous construct of Anat, again, more sharpish.

Genestealer Cults! They happened! I bought shitloads! These were my first 40K love back in the very early 90’s and for 20 odd years I have lusted over the idea of them coming back, and they did with a bang. I have a fair few units assembled and primed with painting yet to start.

The Skymother Herself; Tyranids. I have loads, painting has started, painting needs to continue.

This is a newish thing, I always liked fantasy but never really got to play it. Some of the new Age of Sigmar kits coming out are superb – as are some of the older ones – and when the notion of a small group style AoS came along I have decided to jump at the chance – especially as there is now a mushrooming online community focussed on small groups messing about with kits. Again, more to come with ideas mostly and some initial minis in a week or two when I grab some particularly sexy kits.


I have four of the city gaming boards in various stages of painting plus a fair few 40K buildings and terrain which in some cases can double for AoS. I need to make a few more bits which could ideally double as both. Hurrah! More stuff to add to the wince list.


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