Inquisitor Thaddeus Grimm

The Golden Throne will fail.

The Astronomicon will grow dim and mankind will slide into a dark age of destruction and extinction across the galaxy.

This is mankind's destiny if nothing can be done to shine a new light throughout the Imperium.

An ancient Empire once spanned the galaxy; a race who stepped from star to star, system to system as one might step from one room to another. Thaddeus Grim has seen this technology in action; has crossed light-years in the blink of an eye. If mankind is to survive the ravages of the enemies within and without, then it is to the the past he must look. To this end he cruises the stars looking for the technologies to allow mankind to hold his grip upon the Imperium and keep those Xenos who would reduce humanity to slavery, destruction or far worse, at bay

The emergent Imago Slann and one of his spawning brood have arisen from sunken polls deep below the surface of an otherwise extinct and buried civilisation. Whilst the rest of the brood set about gathering what they can amongst the ruins, Annanaki has set out into the Galaxy to establish the order of things and gather what he can for his race to once again step out into the stars. For now, it serves him well to associate with Thaddeus who himself is curious about the amphibious psyker and what his race can offer the Imperium