II. The Morrighat's Bargain


Centuries later the people and their ‘Queen’ were thriving; of their cousins who had fled at the new monarch’s appearance – nothing was ever heard. No sign was found as the people of this bargain spread out as their numbers grew. Settlements were laid down, communities grew up and they all of them thrived and grew to be a part of that place in the forest. They had stopped calling themselves the Ghatta generations ago, and came to call themselves the Morrighatti; ‘The Queen’s People’, and the Morrighat (as they had come to call Her) guided and protected them, showed them how to live with the forest and to forge a life alongside her.

Of the bargain; those first few who had heard her whispers she made Her emissaries; she gifted them strange powers and shaped their bodies to reflect Her glory. It was these Pinion-witches who went among the people and were the vessels of her power used to nurture the Morrighatti. These winged witches were also the ones who enacted the Morrighat’s part of the ancient bargain.

The offspring of the Morrighat were ever weak, unable to thrive in the forest. They would sicken and die within days of their birth, not one ever became strong and grew its plumage. Not one lived. And so it was that the bargain was this; every year, at the time of her offspring’s hatching; some of the Morrighatti would be selected and taken out to the nesting place. There, the Morrighat would slay her own children as they hatched and in that moment bind their soul and essence into the body of the willing Morrighatti volunteer. They would be fused as one; part human, part Morrighat. 

And so came to be a second people in that forest; the union of that bargain; the Morrlitt.

* * * 

Partially ascended Morrighatti; a Pinion Witch; somewhere between human and Morrlitt. I would like to say the wand is a deliberate stylistic choice, but in fairness it was the 5th attempt at an arm that 'fits' the proportions roughly, because the standard gaunt summoner arms are teeny thin and a staff was looking like too much of a pig to pull off.

Morrighatti; these were never going to be heavily converted. I like these and the Tzaangor as they are. However they will get grubby paint treatment to move away from the more Tzeenthian look. Also a more dumbed down and antique looking weaponry, perhaps one or two more ornate pieces looking well used and handed down from their Ghatta ancestors