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The Krass Dynasty

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The People of the Delta

I have pretty much wrapped up the Morrighatti for the time being. I have a fair sized group and little inspiration for something new for the time being, I may well come back to do a miniature here and there at some stage. 

So, onwards!

I have had a couple of ideas for new conversions and groups of themed peoples, and nicely they kind of all fit together , or at least will sit nicely together under the banner of the 'People of the Delta'.

Within the realm of Ghur, along the Shattered Coast, lies the Delta. A vast region where three mighty rivers converge and spread out into a rich, verdant delta before draining into the wild oceans. This vast water-world would take days to cross on foot and is tangled with swamp, woodland, crawling waterways and streams. It teems with life.

The Teuthiliad live inland from the coast itself; in settlements lifted into the trees and away from the largest of the delta's waterways where the danger is greatest. These small settlements make a living f…

IV. The Walker in the Woods

The Sin Eater plays a crucial role within Morrighati society; for a semi-nomadic people living in a world where the souls of the children of the Morrighat are being freed and bound to the living; the risk of soul fragments binding to those unintended for apotheosis is high. As such, the Morrighatti people occasional begin to display signs of corruption and transformation. This is considered a thing of shame, an affront to the Morrighatt herself. To take her gifts rather than be given it is a thing of sin.

And so there are the Sin Eaters; usually women, who tread the paths between settlements and camps and who visit the people and consume their shame. Literally taking the corruption into themselves and purging the sinful. On one hand they are feared and shunned, on another revered and respected. With time, the Sin Eater’s body becomes bloated and corrupted as they take into themselves the Sins of their people and when their body can take no more they transform completely. This can happe…

III. The Morrlitt

The Morrlitt are a fused people; the souls of the offspring of the Morrighat herself bound into the body of a human Morrighatti. They are a new people; never before had her children gone on to live, never before had the Morrighat found herself with her children around her. They themselves also had young, hatched out in nests around the largest of trees. Whole tribes of these Morrlitt grew up in the land around the Morrighatti settlements, and they were as one people.

When their own communal nests were ready, and when their young beginning to hatch, the Morrlitt’s own witch caste would kill the last egg to hatch and bind the soul to the stuff of the nest; enchanting it and entreating it to protect its brothers and sister. A soul bound to that place with a sole purpose. Over time these collective souls grew into each other until they could rise up with the stuff of the nests and walk amongst their kind; living sentinels of purpose. These nestlings are vile and spiteful things of hatr…

The Sin Eater

She carried her bloated form, leaning heavily on her staff. It had been almost a full day since she had left the previous settlement. A full day alone in the forest, winding along the tracks and pathways known to her people  and the other, less welcoming inhabitants of the forest. She skirted past the swamp, too heavy, too weak to defend herself should she encounter trouble.
The settlement of Tallebranch was due to be up ahead, it's semi-nomadic people following the traditional routes as the seasons passed; following their herds and the fruiting trees and bushes. It had been a full year since she had been to this place, a full year since the people had brought any sinners to the tent set aside for her.
Once ensconced in her tent, and once darkness had fallen, they would tread quietly to her place at the edge of the settlement, bringing their shame. Mothers bringing children, husbands bringing wives or ageing relatives, all trying to hide the theft of their loved ones.
This was her …

Let there be paint!

II. The Morrighat's Bargain

II.Centuries later the people and their ‘Queen’ were thriving; of their cousins who had fled at the new monarch’s appearance – nothing was ever heard. No sign was found as the people of this bargain spread out as their numbers grew. Settlements were laid down, communities grew up and they all of them thrived and grew to be a part of that place in the forest. They had stopped calling themselves the Ghatta generations ago, and came to call themselves the Morrighatti; ‘The Queen’s People’, and the Morrighat (as they had come to call Her) guided and protected them, showed them how to live with the forest and to forge a life alongside her.
Of the bargain; those first few who had heard her whispers she made Her emissaries; she gifted them strange powers and shaped their bodies to reflect Her glory. It was these Pinion-witches who went among the people and were the vessels of her power used to nurture the Morrighatti. These winged witches were also the ones who enacted the Morrighat’s part o…